About us

Less is more !

Timeless simplicity. Our poufs, made from high-quality coated polyurethane foam, are a pleasure for the eye, timeless, firm and above all ATTRACTIVE! Whether you use them as a decorative element or to sit on during parties… they are bound to be a success! The restrained design and the vast possibilities as regards colour ensure that a pickapouf matches EVERY interior. Any size, any colour, just pick your pouf!

Welcome to pickapouf.com

Never thought a simple cube could be so attractive? 

That’s the power of simplicity, the essence and nothing more... that’s the power of a pickapouf! Whether you use it as an attractive seat in a changing room, waiting room, or just as a pouf to lounge about with friends, in your home or garden, a pickapouf is not only handy and easy to manage, but most of all a pickapouf is a trendy design element you can’t do without in your interior.

Thanks to the vast choice of colours (all NCS colours are available), a pickapouf matches every interior! This Belgian designer product can be supplied within 6 weeks in any colour you want, to your home, anywhere in Europe.

Would you like your logo on a pickapouf? No problem at all.

Are you actively involved in selling design furniture and do you see potential in this product? Then we would like to work with you! Send an e-mail to info@pickapouf.com and we will contact you.

A picture is worth a thousand words.