Terms & Conditions

Here at PICKAPOUF.COM we want to be sure that relations with our customers run as smoothly as possible. We value the confidence that you have in PICKAPOUF.COM and take your rights very seriously. We wish to provide a clear and unambiguous overview of your rights, and also obligations, in the following terms and conditions of sale. Should you find anything unclear, we would be grateful if you would let us know.

PICKAPOUF.COM has its registered office in Belgium:

Molenblookstraat 12
3600 Genk


BTW: 0871.538.169


The following terms and conditions of sale apply to the sale of all items appearing on the website of PICKAPOUF.COM.


1.  Your order

Placing an order on our site is child’s play!

How to go about it: Navigate through our site and add the item(s) you want to purchase to your shopping basket (add to). If you want to complete your order, please click on the shopping basket on the top of the screen. If you wish to proceed to make payment, click on 'place order' and fill in the following requested fields.

Any reservation or order will be confirmed as quickly as possible by e-mail. Please contact us if you do not receive your order confirmation. PICKAPOUF.COM regrets that it cannot accept any liability for the consequences if the customer enters incorrect data. As the customer, you are responsible for all shipments from PICKAPOUF.COM which arrive at the residential or delivery address you have stated. To prevent any misuse, we advise you to notify us immediately if you change your address.

PICKAPOUF.COM reserves the right to accept or refuse orders. The customer will be informed of the reason for refusal on request.

A valid agreement exists between you and PICKAPOUF.COM as and when PICKAPOUF.COM receives the confirmation of your order on its website. The records of PICKAPOUF.COM constitute proof of orders you have placed and payments you have made to PICKAPOUF.COM and of deliveries made by PICKAPOUF.COM. PICKAPOUF.COM acknowledges that electronic communications can serve as proof. By placing an order and thereby accepting the terms and conditions, you also acknowledge the same.

2.  Prices

All prices are stated in EUROS. These prices are all-inclusive (therefore also include VAT), except for costs of shipment. We offer you products at keen prices and would like to continue to do so, therefore we charge a small separate cost of carriage. You can be sure that these are solely the real shipment costs and nothing more.

PICKAPOUF.COM has the right to adjust the stated price, before you place an order. Goods are offered as long as they are in stock, or until the end of a previously determined special offer period.

3.  Delivery

The ordered goods will be shipped to the delivery address as quickly as possible after the online ordering procedure has been completed. We advise you to state a delivery address where there is always someone present during office hours. This may be the address of a neighbour, your family or your workplace. Should the ordered item(s) not be in stock, then we will also state this in an e-mail.

PICKAPOUF.COM has a very extensive range of items and colours available. Ordered goods are made according to the customer’s wishes. PICKAPOUF.COM will make every effort to ensure that you receive your goods within the period stated on our website. These delivery times are however only for information purposes and PICKAPOUF.COM cannot be held liable for any delays.

Notice: If an order is spread over several deliveries, shipping costs will be charged per delivery.

In accordance with the Trade Practices Act, loss of a package is for the seller’s account.
PICKAPOUF.COM will take care to see that your goods are packed as well as possible when they are shipped. In the event that items are nonetheless damaged when they arrive, you will need to notify us of this within 48 hours after receipt. PICKAPOUF.COM reserves the right to refuse your request if we do not receive it within the stated time limit.

4.  Payment

Payments shall always be made in EUROS.

All online payments will be secured to the maximum extent. In this regard we collaborate with PAYPAL. Paypal is one of the market leaders in Europe regarding secure online payment transactions and offers the most reliable and high-tech solutions. Paypal is independent as regards banks, so it is possible to make use of all banks. In this way you can continue to use your current bank or make a choice between the various banks on the market.

Please notify the correct credit card number and the correct expiry date. Incorrect information may delay your order or make it impossible to fulfil. Payment with a credit card is dependent on the approval of the financial institution that issued the card.

PICKAPOUF.COM is not liable for possible additional costs arising from bank charges.

Online control and reservation of your accounts will occur once PICKAPOUF.COM accepts your order. Items in any case remain the property of PICKAPOUF.COM until these have been paid for in full, including shipping costs and VAT.

The sale of goods is entirely subject to Belgian law and any disputes will be settled by the Belgian courts in Tongeren.

5.  Cooling-off period.

The legal “cooling-off” period: “The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he is withdrawing from a purchase, without paying a penalty and without giving a reason, within 7 working days following the day on which he has concluded a contract for services”.

You can therefore cancel the contract within 7 working days after placing the order. Given that every pouf is made to measure (on the basis of the colour chosen by the customer), it is not possible to return an item after delivery.

6.  Guarantee

All our goods are covered by a legal guarantee for a period of 2 years, unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. Should you wish to take advantage of our guarantee, we would be grateful if you would let us know, so we can explain the procedure. Please contact us.
It goes without saying that wear and tear, incorrect use and damage caused by dropping an item are not covered by the guarantee.

Pickapouf.com’s innovative products are made from coated foam. These products must not come into contact with sharp or hot objects that could damage the product. This product has not been designed for use in water or other liquids. It goes without saying that Pickapouf.com cannot be held liable for damage arising from improper use of this product.

7. Your personal data

PICKAPOUF.COM makes every effort to protect your data. We will keep your data confidential and it will not be passed on to third parties.

You always have the right to view your data, correct mistakes or to have your data removed from our database.

8.  Some things for which we cannot be held liable

PICKAPOUF.COM is not responsible for loss or damage arising from delay or failure to perform its obligations contained in these terms and conditions if this is caused by strikes, sit-ins, riots, wars, fires, force majeure, accidents, defects or shortages at suppliers of PICKAPOUF.COM, restrictions imposed by the government, failure to grant import or export licences, subjection to the law, instructions or orders, or attributable to other circumstances or causes that could affect the proper implementation of these terms and conditions, or any other circumstance outside the control of PICKAPOUF.COM.

If a certain provision or wording in this Agreement becomes or is declared invalid or unenforceable for whatever reason, then that provision or wording will remain enforceable as far as legally possible, without affecting or influencing the validity, legality or enforceability of the other provisions in any manner whatsoever.

PICKAPOUF.COM reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions of sale without prior warning.

To prevent misunderstandings we have ensured that our site is not only detailed but also clear. PICKAPOUF.COM stipulates that it is not responsible for any errors. It is in fact possible that the stated information does not correspond entirely with reality, despite our constant watchfulness.

The fact that the customer has not received the above terms and conditions in his mother tongue in no way frees him from their application.

Although these general terms and conditions and their content can be consulted all over the world, they have been solely drawn up for customers residing in the EU. Consequently the goods offered on this site are solely intended for customers residing in the EU.